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Q: What’s “d’Aubin”?

A: It’s the original, historical spelling of my last name.  I place this mark on completed goods as my  makers mark.

Q: What’s the deal with “Wouldworking”?

A: Beyond being a catchy play on words, it’s also a philosophy I carry into my shop.  So often I hear, “I wish I could do that!”  Well, fact is, you can.  You just have to have the will to learn and practice.  It’s not whether or not you “could” but whether or not you “would” try something new.  I entered into woodturning with complete ignorance, but had the will to make my mistakes and attempt to do better than I thought I had the skill to do.  I knew I “would” someday develop the skill because I had the passion to drive me toward that goal.  So, “Would, working.” is my affirmation that I’m headed in the right direction.  I hope to sell a lot wares in the coming future, but I also hope to inspire others to take a chance and do something they love.